SBI Studio at McKinney + Olive

Scope of Work: Custom Metal Fabrication, Custom Millwork, Handforged Fixtures, Art Install, Storefronts and Glazing,

Project Architect: Guide Architecture

Project Size: 6000 SQ FT

Sales Benchmark Index, or SBI was in no way trying to adhere to the corporate standard with this finish out. Engrained into the DNA of the company is the necessity to be different, in the best of terms. SBI is a marketing strategy company whose primary focus is to take on clients with ‘aggressive goals and unreasonable timelines’. Trying to emulate this passion for success, we made sure to show off our best stuff.

From the reclaimed honeycomb wall, down to the hand forged door pulls, there were no details spared or corners cut short. Well, maybe a few cuts were short, but thats what putty is for. Custom millwork from floor to ceiling, a one of a kind bar that belongs in the middle of uptown (technically it is), and the largest Doug Fir conference table built to date are just a few standouts on this project.

This was a turning point for Forty-Four, we had to refine our look in order to meet their needs and our team could not be more pleased with the end result. I guess you could say we clean up well.